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This site is coming in 2016/2017 winter. Come back soon, I’m working on it :-). If you want to be updated about the progress type your e-mail into the form below and click ‘Sign up’. Btw. my name is Krzysiek and I’m BASI l. 2 instructor. I start this website because snowboard industry is doing so well, is full of money and I’m a greedy bastard.

Welcome. There is many snowboard instructor certification paths. You can gain qualification in tens countries in the world. However, in each of these countries the requirements vary a lot. If you want to get certified in foreign country it may be pretty confusing. Please select a country below. Read about snowboard instructor certification path and requirements in selected country. Get certified and have fun as instructor:). Success.

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Great Britain

Snowboard Instructor

For many of you who want to become an instructor, teaching snowboarding is all about fun. Well, working can be fun if you are passionate about what you do. However bear in mind that as a snowboard instructor you are paid for delivering a high quality lesson. No matter wich level you are or how much you earn. Snowboard instructors are responsible for their customers experience and safety.

snowboard-instructorThe flexibility is highly desirable in this profession as each customer has different expectations. Clear comunication, honesty and being open up to people are gold. If you have these values, you don’t need to be Travis Rice or Jeremy Jones to be a brilliant snowboard instructor. You even don’t need an ISIA Card or any of the highest qualifications. Unless you want to teach in France and earn loads of money;-). The courses, trainings, licenses and badges are important, but the first thing that really counts is how good you can deliver a lesson. This photo is taken by Leoness Photography.

Snowboard Instructor Job Description

The more experienced and qualified you are, the more different types of lessons you may give and of course more money you can earn. Here are some ideas of what snowboard instructor does depending on level of experience.

Entry Level Instructor.
As a beginner you might be allowed only to assist the other teacher or just tot teach small children. Don’t expect to earn more than 10€ or 10$ per hour.
Intermediate Instructor
You might be able to:
– have private lessons.
– take your students off-piste in te skiresort area.
– teach freestyle
Top Level Instructor
You might be able to open your own school or work as an self employed independent instructor. You might be able to take private clients off-piste outside skiresort boundaries. As a pro you can coach other snowboarders how to perform better.

Snowboard Instructor Job Board

My intention is to create here a social network for snowboard instructors all over the world. You will be able to browse actual vacancies offered around the globe. If you like this idea don’t hesitate to register here. If you have any suggestions or ideas please write me an e-mail or leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

And here is an e-mail you can send any suggestions to:
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ISIA Qualification List

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